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Elevate your BBQ to the next level


St. Louis Style Ribs

Start with some good St. Louis Style Ribs, trim off extra meat on edges and save for your pork and beans.  I like to remove the silver membrane from back of ribs, many say this is not needed.  I then spread a fine layer of mustard and then apply rub, we did one with Miss Katie's and Joltin' Josh's.

St. Louis Ribs, ready for the grill

After applying the rub let the rub get good and moist on the ribs.  I like to use elevated racks in aluminum pan to minimize mess.  Smoker is going at 225 degrees with a mix of hickory and apple wood today, after you have a thin blue smoke,  let them smoke for 3 hours.

St. Louis Ribs, stage 2

Remove ribs from grill, I like to spread agave syrup and some butter and wrap in aluminum foil for the 2 hour Texas cheat.  Continue to cook at 225 degrees, this is what makes them fall off the bone.

St. Louis style ribs, the tasty conclusion

Take the ribs out of the foil and then just cook at 225-250 degrees for 1/2-1 hour to just firm them up.  You don't need to add smoke at this point.  I like to let them rest for 15 minutes or so and then dig in to your tasty goodness.  This is a dry style rib, sauce served at the table, but you could apply during the last hour of cooking if you like a wetter style rib.