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Elevate your BBQ to the next level


Smoked Chuck Roast AKA "Poor Mans Brisket"

Isn't it sad that everything that was considered poor man's food now costs more than a good steak; such as brisket and chicken wings.  (3 out of 4 Arnold's hope they don't figure out how good chicken gizzards are)  So we have about a four pound chuck roast, marinating in Worcestershire sauce.

Smoked Chuck Roast

After pouring the Worcestershire Sauce (I hope to not spell check that word again, will never use again).  Arnold's Prairie Dust rubbed all over the meat and set aside for 6 hours (probably be better overnight, but initially thought I had grabbed a pork roast out of the freezer)  Smoker set up at 225-250 degrees F with a total Ohio wood smoke, thanks Mike B. for hickory and brother Greg for apple.  Meat smoked for six and a half hours to an internal temperature of 185 F.

Smoked Chuck Roast

Meat wrapped for 20minutes, the  cut up for burnt ends. These were then gently drenched in our homemade BBQ sauce (available soon, we hope).  I was asked last night, "when should I use the coffee rub" and had to admit I had only used on pork and chicken so put on tonight as another layer of flavor, or to at least try on some beef.

Smoked Chuck Roast

Pictures are not doing justice to the smoke ring, I will blame on website.  Chuck placed back in smoker for 1/2 hour to crisp up.  The family felt that the coffee rub enhanced the smoky flavor and was a nice addition to this fattier cut of beef.  Would do again, so thanks for the question Jim.  Served with smoked baked beans and enjoyed by the family.