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Elevate your BBQ to the next level


Pulled Pork

Have about a ten pound pork shoulder, cleaned and with minimal trimming.  Smoker is going at 250 degrees F with an all Ohio wood mix of apple and hickory chunks  for the Fiesta Bowl.  (unfortunately this did not make the Buckeye loss anymore palatable)

Pulled Pork

The injection

Injected with a mix of homemade apple juice from the Fall harvest and equal mix of good root beer, have fun with your injections.

All rubbed down and ready for the magic

A light coating of mustard allows the rub mix to adhere better and doesn't seem to alter the flavor.  I do think it adds more to the smoke ring.  I do like using grates and aluminum pans as it keeps smoker cleaner, though will often remove the grates during the rest period to reasorb some of that great liquid.

Pulled Pork

For this fine pork butt we used Joltin' Josh's rub to impart that hint of smoky coffee goodness. 

Butt smoked for 9 hours at 250 degrees, I did use water pan for today's smoke.  Brought to an internal temperature of 203 degrees F and then brought in to rest under aluminum foil for 20 minutes or so.

Butt then hand shredded and ready for sandwiches and maybe topping with your favorite BBQ sauce.  Hope to have some sauces for you all to try in the next couple months.