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BBQ adventures at Arnold's Misfit Acres

Arnold's Misfit Acres LLC​


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Our First Blog Entry

September 12, 2018

In the beginning, there was a man who loved to cook. He had a wife and two kids. One of his kids was picky and if pizza and steak were not invented, he would opt to go hungry. The second child couldn't get enough of variety. She'd eat things like snails, squid, and sushi!? Although, anything her father cooked on the grill was comfort food to her. 

This little family was fortunate enough to live in the country, where raising a garden and their own meat was possible. After all, knowing where their food came from and how it was treated and procured was meaningful to them. In fact, his wife had a habit of collecting animals that did not fit at other farm and ranchers operations, such as a blind cow  named Ray, 2 geese, chickens and a variety of pigs and even a three-legged calf.  This is where the name "Arnold's Misfit Acres" was born. 

As any country family could tell you, entertaining a family during cold, wintry evenings can be a challenge, but not for this man! He seized that wintry day and, decide to go against all backyard BBQ norms and he grilled in 40 below weather. That crazy good bbq was made possible by one dish he prepared stove-top, his homemade bbq sauce. He decided to make and test his own recipes for BBQ sauce and rubs. He involved his picky and adventurous kids, and the misfit collector wife to do a blind taste test. One recipe stood out and he added it to his favorite  home-canned goods. Little Bird Dog BBQ sauce was the result. It wasn't long after and he began sharing the sauce with friends. In turn, they encouraged him to offer it for sale.

Since then, the family relocated to North Dakota and became Pride of Dakota members where they enjoyed meeting other small  North Dakota business owners, doing what they enjoy most. For Arnold's Misfit Acres.....that continues to be cooking and providing good BBQ! 

Good barbecue "should be entered into with abandon or not at all"