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Elevate your BBQ to the next level



There are many different ways to prepare an ABT, but this is one of the simplest.  Start with a dozen or so good sized jalapenos and then halve lengthwise.  I use a small spoon to remove the seeds and ribs.  (In the past if I have those who really dislike heat I have soaked the prepared jalapenos for an hour or so in Sprite, does seem to reduce the sting)

The Stuffing

8 ounces cream cheese

4 ounces sharp cheddar cheese grated

4 ounces of pork sausage

2 Tablespoons of Miss Katie's

Mix all together and then stuff into your waiting jalapenos


Ok I forgot to take a pic of the next stage so you get two money shots.  After getting your jalapenos stuffed wrap with a slice of thin cut bacon.  Thin cut will crisp up better, no need to use toothpicks to hold it either.  After wrapping a nice dusting of Miss Katie's will  seal the deal.


Smoked for 2  1/2 hours at 250 F over a mix of apple and hickory wood.  Normally wouldn't use a water pan as I am trying to get them to crisp up but was doing a smoked butt at the same time, I honestly think they turned out quite nice.  I cook until the bacon is nicely crisped, for safety an IT of 165 should be observed.  Let cool for a couple minutes, consume, wash down with favorite suds and repeat.  Good Stuff