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Arnold's Misfit Acres LLC

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About Us

Steve and Robyn Arnold moved to rural North Dakota from Montana in 2015 with their two children, Katherine and Joshua. Home cooking and BBQ have always been a passion for the Arnold's and has given them an enjoyable family pursuit. In fact, one of the BBQ rubs, "Miss Katie's BBQ" was a joint creation between Steve and his daughter Katherine on a snowy Montana afternoon. Together they came up with a winning recipe to use for competition BBQs and at home. The lip smacking that came when they shared the results with neighbors, friends, family and most importantly, fellow BBQ connoisseurs, Scott and Audrey from North Country Meats in Havre, MT,  encouraged him to try other flavor profiles. Steve and family enjoy making BBQ rubs, sauce, mustard, horseradish and marinara as well as other creations and are excited to offer a few of these to you. They invite you to give their products a try and stay tuned for what they might dream up next!